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Having purified gas available whenever it’s needed is essential for the success of every energy operation. Not sure which style of desulfurization system is best for your particular setup?

Let’s examine the differences between slurry bed and modular desulfurization systems.

Modular Sulfur Removal Units

The SJE modular sulfur removal unit is an advancement in fixed bed removal systems. It consists of two vessels of standard 84 inch OD by 26 ft. S/S each and a lead-lag piping skid with options to add an automatic drain system, an online H2S analyzer and a coalesce.

This fixed-bed system is quite innovative. It is highly superior to liquid sour gas removal systems which produce hazardous waste and can be more costly to operate. The SJS modular sulfur removal system design is focused on keeping low H2S wells moving forward consistently. The two-vessel model is a great advancement over single vessel units, eliminating lag time as the two units keep the system operating continuously.

Our special adsorbent, Brimbsorb, is designed for safe and easy disposal when it reaches its maximum concentration level. By anticipating the needs of the project, a new batch of adsorbent can be quickly fed into the modular system.

Slurry Bed Desulfurization

This system is quite an advancement in desulfurization science. The advantage of this system is that it reduces downtime since it doesn’t require emptying and replacing the adsorbent, a time-consuming process.

Instead of replacing all the adsorbent on a regular basis, this innovative unit utilizes by-product to self-recycle, thus, less refill is needed as the project moves forward. Less need for constant replacement of the entire supply of adsorbent not only saves time but also results in lowered costs.

The SJE slurry bed system provides peace of mind by assuring that the gas in the system will be purified at all times, ready whenever needed.

SJE offers companies complete support and assistance in managing this sour gas purification system including technology licensing, plant construction and operation, technical service to ensure level output.

Each System Offers Its Own Advantages

Both slurry bed and modular sulfur removal units are highly efficient methods for gas purification. The slurry bed system may have a bit of an edge when it comes to the amount of adsorbent needed, due to its recycling capabilities, but the SJE two-vessel modular fixed bed desulfurization unit is a leader in its class.

Fixed bed systems are highly efficient and economical also. One or the other may be a more appropriate selection for your particular production operation. SJE has the experience to help you make the best choice.

SJE Offers Top of the Line Technology and Guidance at a Cost that Leaves Room for Profit

Well compositions are continually evolving. Adapting to varying H2S flows without facing extensive cost is key to competing in the market.

SJE’s patented desulfurization technology and processes are offered at prices that help control expenses while providing a pure flow of gas from your wells.

Contact us. We are pioneers in the industry with the experience to help your enterprise succeed by making smart choices regarding technology lease/purchase and setting up the most efficient sour gas removal system possible.

Download our resource to find out which H2S Adsorbent is right for you.

Which Sour Gas Adsorbent is Right for You?