Sour gas removal is a necessary service for many upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas companies. Not only is it mandatory for environmental reasons, but removing H2S also protects your crew and extends the life of your equipment. If you’re working with shrinking profit margins driven by today’s lower crude prices, you need an efficient sour gas removal process to reduce operating costs and maximize output.
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h2s removal

h2s removal

Vessels are ASME section VIII Division 1 / Piping is ANSI B31.3
US Patented Adsorbent. Patent no. 7,771,979

Sour Gas Treatment Service

As a pioneer of natural gas desulfurization technology and processes, SJE delivers innovative H2S removal solutions at 50-60% lower costs than our competitor’s pricing. By purchasing straight from the source, you will achieve meaningful cost savings, reduce risk, and have the ability to start your projects sooner.

  • Patented adsorbent, Brimbsorb
  • By-products are transformed into biochar or biofuel
  • Customizable for your project needs, budget, and timeline
  • Systems available for immediate deployment
  • Outlet ppm maintained throughout project
  • No concentrated H2S generated
  • NACE compliant equipment and in-house fabrication

Slurry Bed Desulfurization

Slurry Bed Desulfurization

This system minimizes downtime by not requiring you to empty and replace adsorbent. Instead, it utilizes the byproduct to self recycle with less refill as the project moves forward. With changing flow and concentration. the SJE slurry system gives you peace of mind that whatever the composition of your well is, the gas will be purified when you need it.

  • Technology Licensing
  • Plant construction and operation
  • Technical service to ensure level output


Modular Sulfur Removal Unit

Modular Sulfur Removal Unit

An innovative fixed-bed system designed to keep low H2S concentration wells moving forward. When our specialty adsorbent reaches maximum concentration, it is easily and safely disposed of. A new batch of adsorbent is quickly fed into the modular system by anticipating the needs of your project.

  • The fixed-bed system consists of two vessels (standard 84 in. OD by 26 ft. S/S each), and a lead-lag piping skid with options to add an automatic drain system, online H2S analyzer, and a coalesce.


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brimbsorb: next gen aDsorbent

Engineered to withstand a higher sulfur intake than others, our patented adsorbent Brimbsorb, ensures your natural gas and liquid stream production reaches its full potential by decreasing project costs.

Innovatively designed to avoid channeling and reduce pressure drop, this spherical adsorbent is biodegradable, creating zero hazardous waste from spent adsorbents. With the anticipation of adsorbent change-outs using flow rate data and H2S concentration levels, project uptime, profitability, and environmental standards will dramatically increase.

why not choose triazene?

Lower levels of H2S concentration may signal Triazene as a good sweetening treatment option, but there are some causes for concern that could bring your project to a halt.

Triazine can create foaming, fouling and corrosion which lead to production loss from unscheduled downtime, reduced flow rate capability, regeneration issues, and increased maintenance labor and equipment costs. SJE’s Brimbsorb H2S adsorbent does not have these faults.

Which Sour Gas Adsorbent is Right for You?

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