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Innovative Equipment

From design and engineering to procurement and fabrication, we manufacture gas purification equipment that provides profitable green energy solutions for leading companies around the globe.


Revolutionizing H2S Removal

SJE continues to invest in building and maintaining a large fleet of Lead/Lag vessels. These units are specifically designed to maximize the removal of H2S using our Brimsorb® media.

The units are manufactured to ASME standards and can also be certified for use in Canada.

Our standard sizes work in most applications, but we have the ability to quickly manufacture custom sized units to fit the customer’s needs.

Certified Units

NACE compliant, vessels are ASME section VIII Division 1, piping is ANSI B31.3

Quick Loading &

Changeouts can be performed in less than a day

Fixed-Bed Design

Lead/Lag design with the option to add a third guard back vessel

Multiple Sizes Available

Units available in 78” x 20’, 84” x 26’ & 96” x 30’. Standard sizes fit most projects and budgets.

Ready for Deployment

Large fleet of more than 50 fixed bed Lead/Lag units and growing for immediate use. Small pilot units for free trials are available.

Customizable Options

Option to add an automatic drain system, online H2S analyzer, and coalescer. Custom vessels available upon request.

Process Overview

  • Twin Vessels, Lead-Lag Design
  • Entire system is NACE compliant for H2S service
  • Vessels are ASME Section VIII Division 1
  • Piping is ANSI B31.3
  • MAWP is 260 to 650 psig depending on application
  • Up flow design
Uninterrupted Production

Our lead-lag configuration allows for no downtime change-outs, ensuring your gas is always flowing.


Our design allows for easy and secure isolation of either vessel. Pressure safety valves are in place at key locations.

H2S Monitoring

With multiple testing tubes in our skid, you can monitor H2S levels at every stage of the process.

Guard Backs

Ask about our Guard Backs, which provide an extra layer of safety to your process. Guard Backs can be placed either before or after the lead-lag unit.


Our design allows for easy draining of excess water, which is an important step in preserving the integrity of the media bed.

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