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Download SJE's Material Safety Data Sheets to understand hazards, handling needs, precautions, first-aid measures, and safety protocols for our products.

Brimsorb-X MSDS

Brimsorb-X MSDS Spent

CDS-200 Moderate Temperature Desulfurizer

TH-K Yellow Iron Oxide

TH-TL Yellow Iron Oxide

Spent TH-Q Scavenger

Spent TH-SLDW Scavenger

Spent TH-SLDW-1 Scavenger

SDS-100B Desulfurization Agent

SDS-200B Desulfurization Agent

Brimsorb-SX MSDS

Brimsorb-SX MSDS Spent

JX-1A Desulfurization Agent

TH-KS Yellow Iron Oxide

TH-TS Yellow Iron Oxide

Spent TH-TS Scavenger

Spent TH-KB/KS Scavenger

SDS-100 Desulfurization Agent

SDS-200 Desulfurization Agent

SDS-300 Desulfurization Agent

Download our resource to find out which H2S Adsorbent is right for you.

Which Sour Gas Adsorbent is Right for You?