3 Reasons Midstream Companies Trust Our H2S Removal Solutions

Oil and gas companies, working with shrinking profit margins driven by today’s lower crude prices, know the importance of greater efficiency and cost reductions. Upstream and downstream operations are pressuring midstream partners to squeeze out better services while lowering costs.  There’s so much pressure to trim expenses while improving the quality of service that midstream […]

Fixed-Bed Sulfur Removal Unit vs. Liquid Scavengers

H2S scavenger units for acid gas removal are often classed as fixed-bed adsorbents or liquid scavengers. To help you determine which method is the best choice for your operations, we have created this helpful sour gas removal unit resource. If you have a specific question, feel free to contact us directly. The Liquid Sulfur Removal […]

An H2S Scavenger Better than Triazine

H2S scavengers are used during oil and gas production to remove sour gas. Depending on flow rates and concentration levels, there are a variety of chemicals that can efficiently remove H2S. Globally, Triazine is the most common chemical to be used for H2S removal, but a new solid scavenger is now available. Discover how SJ […]

Water Purification with H2S Removal

Unsafe drinking water is one of the world’s most critical health and environmental problems. Nearly 9 percent of the world does not have regular access to clean drinking water. As an innovative biotech company, SJ Environmental offers multiple absorbents that capture and remove hazardous chemicals from water, crude oil, and natural gas. Is Sulfur in […]