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Environmentally-friendly H2S removal is something many oil and gas companies are implementing into their green energy initiatives.

With harsher regulations aimed at minimizing waste and global warming, it’s only a matter of time before environmentally-friendly H2S removal is the only option.

If you’re currently using Triazine for your H2S removal, be aware that it doesn’t capture and remove H2S but just changes the structure and leaves a chemical residue that must be addressed to prevent corrosion. Now is the time to switch.

Here are 3 additional reasons why environmentally-friendly H2S removal from SJE is the best option.

Protect Your Crew and Equipment

H2S exposure can be harmful or even deadly to crew members exposed. To promote worker’s safety, OSHA has implemented a protocol to reduce the risk of an accident by limiting how much H2S is acceptable down the line.

H2S, or hydrogen sulfide, is a colorless chemical compound that is fatal at certain levels of exposure. Even more worrying is that the level in which H2S becomes fatal to humans is much lower than many other toxic gases.

Brimbsorb H2S adsorbent captures and transforms H2S into a stable media that can be disposed of as normal waste.

Clean H2S Removal Is Great For The Environment

Much like H2S can be dangerous to humans, it can also be dangerous to other aspects of nature. The gas has a high level of toxicity to aquatic life, birds, and other animals.

Utilizing one of our clean removal methods, you can greatly reduce the amount of environmental damage caused by this chemical compound.

Safe H2S Removal Can Save You Time and Money

H2S can be harmful to your equipment and cause permanent damage over time or immediately in the event of an accident. By using our trustworthy methods of clean H2S removal, you can easily save your company time and money.

For example, H2S can slow down machinery by clogging up various parts which require intervention by an employee. When this happens over and over, the time lost to maintaining the equipment can add up. The removal of the gas can help keep your employees focused on other tasks.

SJE Pioneered Environmentally-Friendly H2S Removal

If you’re wondering how you can reduce the impact that your company has on the environment in addition to saving time and money, and protecting the well-being of your employees, consider switching to SJE’s clean H2S removal.

With the help of SJ Environmental, you can utilize our patented methods of sour gas removal for better and safter outcomes. For more information, contact us today.

Download our resource to find out which H2S Adsorbent is right for you.

Which Sour Gas Adsorbent is Right for You?