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SJ Environmental has come up with a more maintainable biofuel than used cooking or vegetable oil that will help reduce CO2 emissions as well as shrink landfills on a quantifiable scale.

Our process for renewable diesel converts food, human, or animal waste into a clean biofuel instead of sending it to a landfill. Although renewable diesel is a new product, it has quickly become the best biofuel available.

Why Use Renewable Diesel? 

If you have considered purchasing renewable diesel/ diesel process from waste but are not sure if it is worth it, here are the reasons why you ought to reconsider.

1. It Is Durable 

Renewable diesel can be stored and used for a long time with no water accumulation or quality deterioration. It does not promote the growth of any microbial organism, unlike other biofuels. The presence of oxygen introduces cultures that gum up filters and fuel lines during cold seasons.

2. Renewable Diesel Can Be Passed Down in High Concentrations 

Renewable/processed from waste diesel is less harmful to both the user and the environment and can be used in high concentrations without the fear of negative consequences. Renewable diesel is safer because it is created from materials with less carbon.

3. It Is Cleaner

During renewable diesel production, impurities are removed from the raw materials, which are then hydro-treated at a high temperature. The aftermath is an odorless and colorless fuel with a uniform eminence with the same chemical proportion as fossil diesel. 

4. High Performance

Due to a high Cetane number (75-95), the fuel ensures clean and efficient combustion and can be used in cars, trucks, boats, and other engines to give them extra power. Additionally, it makes it easier for car engines to start even in cold temperatures as well as minimize fuel consumption, mainly when driving in a metropolitan area.

5. Improved Air Quality

Due to reduced greenhouse gas emissions compared to other conventional diesel, renewable diesel results in improved air quality, making it safer for all living things. Air quality benefits of biodiesel are approximately correspondent to the quantity of biodiesel in the blen

6. Its Use Does Not Necessitate Any Modifications

Renewable diesel is a direct placement fuel that is usable in the present, heavy-duty diesel engines devoid of any modifications regardless of the vehicle’s make or age. It is fully compatible with other conventional diesel, thereby making it easy to use. It can also be used as a standalone project in diesel engines without having to blend with different diesel types.

7. Its Use Does Not Increase the Need for Periodic Maintenance

The use of renewable diesel does not escalate the frequency of your vehicle’s periodic sustainment. It allows fuel to combust with maximum efficiency while reducing the need for oil changes and diesel particulate filter restorations in your car. 

Conclusively, renewable diesel is the best biofuel to use compared to other diesel types since it is drier, cleaner, more comfortable to use, sustainable, durable, and suitable for use in all kinds of engines and during very cold weather conditions. More importantly, it has helped reduce carbon intensity and greenhouse gases, not to mention the eradication of dependence on fossil fuels, making it a more appealing alternative. 

Are you looking for a less harmful and more profitable biofuel? Do not worry! SJ Environmental has got you covered. Reach out to us today to learn more about this. 

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