Our proprietary biofuel is the closest alternative to products produced from crude. Made from multiple forms of waste biomass, it reduces 80% of carbon emissions and lowers fuel costs.

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Fueling the fire

What if natural waste could be transformed into an effective green energy?

SJ Environmental Corp manufactures an affordable and clean burning biofuel using leftover food and animal waste that would have previously gone to landfills. 

This offer aligns with our mission to promote sustainable green energy and helps us work towards building a better tomorrow.

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“Oil and gas will serve a purpose as long as we have a high demand and continue to use plastics. Our goal is not to replace the entire industry. However, SJ Environmental has created a more sustainable biofuel than corn or used cooking oil that will help shrink landfills and reduce CO2 emissions on a measurable scale.”
- Dennis Umali, Operations Manager at SJ Environmental

See how our fuel alternative can help you.

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