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H2S scavenger units for acid gas removal are often classed as fixed-bed adsorbents (sulfur removal unit) or liquid scavengers. To help you determine which method is the best choice for your operations, we’ve created this helpful sour gas removal unit resource. If you have a specific question, feel free to contact us directly.

The Liquid Sulfur Removal Method

Liquids, such as triazine, most often come in drums or totes and are pumped into the sour gas pipelines. This liquid changes the composition of H2S rather than removing it completely.

When the treatment chemicals run out, added costs are required to clean and prep for new media. This cleaning is necessary because solids formed by these chemical deposits can result in costly repairs and difficulties for downstream processors if they are not removed.

Advantages of the Fixed-Bed Sulfur Removal Unit

A fixed-bed sour gas removal system offers significant cost savings over liquid removal methods because H2S is captured and removed from the stream.

The end result of the process is a non-hazardous waste that’s normally safe to dispose of in a landfill.

Lead/Lag Two Vessel Fixed-Bed Removal Systems Offer Double Efficiency

An efficient fixed-bed system can be constructed by arranging two vessels in a series. Gas and liquid streams are injected into the first vessel, then flow through the second vessel. Each vessel operates in a similar manner.

The lead vessel serves as the first “working unit”, the second vessel serves as the treatment process’ “backup unit”, together serving to thoroughly remove H2S. The use of two units can keep the system in continuous operation because once the first unit is filled, contents can be transferred to the second.  The first unit is then refilled and the cycle continues uninterrupted. .

The SJE System

SJE Modular Sulfur Removal Units are designed to keep low H2S concentration wells moving forward. A new batch of specialty adsorbent is fed into the system when maximum concentration is reached, in order to maintain efficiency.

Our fixed bed system consists of two vessels and a lead-lag piping skid, to ensure the best, most thorough performance possible.  An automatic drain system, an online H2S analyzer, and a coalesce are also available as additional options.

Brimsorb Adsorbent is engineered with spherical, free-flowing particles with a higher sulfur uptake than adsorbents offered by competitors, for maximum production and a more cost-effective solution.

Why Select the SJE System?

The more efficient your gas purification process, the more revenue you will reap. So it makes sense to go with the best. SJE is a leader in research and development regarding sour gas removal solutions.

Companies striving for a competitive advantage go with SJE as we are never satisfied with the status quo. We continually optimize sulfur adsorbent technology to overcome the toughest challenges.

At SJE, based in Houston, Texas, we take pride in providing a variety of sustainable services for a variety of industries. Our established supply chain and experienced crew can rapidly service projects around the globe and effectively solve complex sour gas issues. Contact us to discuss your company’s specific needs or to request a quote. And visit our blog to read more about our services and industry news.

Download our resource to find out which H2S Adsorbent is right for you.

Which Sour Gas Adsorbent is Right for You?