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Our main offering is full-service desulfurization focused on maximizing your revenue and minimizing downtime. Utilizing our established supply chain and experienced crew, we are able to rapidly service projects around the globe and effectively solve complex sour gas issues using advanced H2S adsorbents.
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a patented process

Our patented technology turns your feed gases into purified gas, high-grade sulfur, biochar and water. Because this system eliminates wasteful byproduct, the materials you are collecting can be used to their full potential.

How is this possible? We have a groundbreaking research and development facility dedicated to invention, testing, and commercialization of products for a greener world. This team has filed for 161 patents and continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our range of products and services include:

Modular Sulfur Removal Unit

Modular Sulfur Removal Unit

An innovative fixed-bed system designed to keep low H2S concentration wells moving forward. When our specialty adsorbent reaches maximum concentration, it is easily and safely disposed of. A new batch of adsorbent is quickly fed into the modular system by anticipating the needs of your project.

  • The fixed-bed system consists of two vessels (standard 84 in. OD by 26 ft. S/S each), and a lead-lag piping skid with options to add an automatic drain system, online H2S analyzer, and a coalesce.

Slurry Bed Desulfurization

Slurry Bed Desulfurization

This system minimizes downtime by not requiring you to empty and replace adsorbent. Instead, it utilizes the byproduct to self recycle with less refill as the project moves forward. With changing flow and concentration. the SJE slurry system gives you peace of mind that whatever the composition of your well is, the gas will be purified when you need it.

  • Technology Licensing
  • Plant construction and operation
  • Technical service to ensure level output

BRIMBSORB™ Adsorbent

BRIMBSORB™ Adsorbent

Engineered, spherical free flowing particles with a higher sulfur uptake than competitors, so production is maximized. Most change-outs are anticipated and take less than a day to complete. Head to head, this adsorbent captures more H2S than triazine making it a more cost-effective solution.

Sanju Diwo Biochar

Sanju Diwo Biochar

One of the byproducts of desulfurization is biochar. In agricultural applications, biochar has shown to increase agricultural production and reduce CO2.


  • Desulfurization Agent
  • Mercaptan Conversion Catalyst
  • Solid Alkali Desulfurizer
  • Gasoline Mercaptans Conversion Catalyst
  • COS Hydrolysis Catalyst
  • Deodorizer
  • Reforming Protective Agent
  • Chlorine Removal Agent
  • Arsenic Removal Agent
  • Deoxidization agent
  • Desulfurization agent active protector
  • Nitrogen-sulfur scavenger
  • Defoamer
  • Activator
  • High-efficiency liquid desulfurizer


  • Naphtha hydrogenation catalyst
  • Jet-fuel hydrogenation catalyst
  • Diesel hydrogenation catalyst
  • Paraffin hydrogenation catalyst
  • Lubricating oil isomerization dewaxing catalyst
  • Gasoline selective hydrogenation catalyst
  • Hydro-desulfurization-desulfurization catalyst
  • Petroleum solvent de-aromatization catalyst
  • Selective hydrogenation catalyst
  • FCC gasoline hydrogenation catalyst
  • Gas phase aldehyde hydrogenation catalyst
  • Organic sulfur hydrogenation catalyst
  • Aniline hydrogenation catalyst
  • Benzene hydrogenation catalyst

Other Products

  • Reforming catalyst
  • Methanol synthesis catalyst
  • PP synthesis Catalyst
  • Grading Catalyst
  • Hydrocracking Catalyst

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