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If there was a way to reduce C02 emissions while improving profitability for oil and gas companies and crop production for farmers, shouldn’t it make the news?

SJ Environmental, a global biotech company pioneering the way to greener oil and gas and agriculture, has added proprietary biochar to its expansive offering of biofuel and gas purification solutions. This natural product reduces lease operating costs, promotes crop growth, and captures carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

What is Biochar?

Biochar is created when organic matter is heated with minimal or no oxygen present through a process called pyrolysis. After it is heated, the organic material becomes a stable solid rich in carbon that takes thousands of years to break down. In addition to not breaking down, when biochar is used as a fertilizer additive, it continues to absorb and hold carbon to promote plant growth rather than leaching carbon into water sources or the atmosphere.

With the adoption of the Paris Climate Accord, biochar has become recognized as one of the most viable and accessible methods for reducing a nation’s carbon footprint and meeting future emission reduction obligations. Through its unique properties, our biochar not only captures 50% of carbon from biomass which limits emissions created by oil and gas companies, it also absorbs and sequesters carbon from the ground so it is not turned into CO2.

Quick Facts About SJE’s Biochar

  • Reduces operating costs for O&G companies
  • Boosts fertilizer effectiveness by 15%
  • Captures and sequesters carbon at multiple stages

Benefits of Our Biochar

Since people are creatures of habit, attempting to change products and processes they’re comfortable with can be a battle. But if there are obvious benefits in switching from one Biochar product to another, like profitability or productivity, it doesn’t take convincing.

When comparing SJ Environmental’s Biochar to what’s currently available in the marketplace, the advantages and cost savings are obvious.

For Oil Companies

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is one of the most common toxic compounds found in petrochemical plants. Biochar is able to absorb and retain this toxic compound so job sites remain safe and products can be sold to the public.

Our patented adsorbents are more efficient than Triazine and enable a simple change out procedure where biochar can continue to be utilized.

For Farmers

Biochar fertilizer retains water better than normal fertilizer and improves water quality and quantity by increasing soil retention of nutrients for crop utilization. Meaning, more nutrients stay in the soil instead of leaching into groundwater and causing pollution. Our team noted a 15% boost in fertilizer effect on rice and vegetable yield when biochar and wood vinegar were added.

For Everyone

Finally, one of the most important benefits is that Biochar greatly reduces CO2 emissions by capturing and trapping carbon so it does not impact the atmosphere. When used in agricultural applications it also leads to a cleaner and more available drinking water.

Overall, there’s a powerful economic and ethical argument for the widespread adoption of biochar and adding it to our product portfolio is one of the ways our team is a catalyst for green energy.

To learn more, Contact SJ Environmental.

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