h2S Removal

Our sour gas removal service is the optimal choice when budget, time, and efficiency is priority for project success. Protect your investment and promote a better world.

h2s removal

slurry desulfurization

Vessels are ASME section VIII Division 1 / Piping is ANSI B31.3
US Patented Absorbent. Patent no. 7,771,979

H2S Removal

Sour Gas Removal

As a pioneer of natural gas desulfurization technology and processes, SJE delivers trusted solutions at 50-60% lower costs than our competitor’s pricing. By purchasing straight from the source, you will achieve meaningful cost savings, reduce risk and have the ability to start your projects sooner. 

  • Customizable for your project needs, budget, and timeline.
  • Systems available for immediate deployment
  • Outlet ppm maintained throughout project
  • No concentrated H2S generated
  • NACE compliant equipment

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How SJE Helps Reduce Lease Operating Costs