SJ Environmental Launches New Website

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SJ Environmental is a biotech company shaping the future!

For two decades, SJ Environmental (SJE) has been intently focused on our mission to change tomorrow, today. With hundreds of innovative US patents awarded, our team at SJE has been dedicated to sustainability and green-minded solutions in gas purification and agriculture.  

Our most popular offering is full-service desulfurization, from facility fabrication to catalysts engineering. Using our established supply chain and experienced crew, we service projects around the globe, and effectively solve the most complex sour gas issues.


The Energy Market is Changing 

The energy market has never been under more scrutiny than it is today, and profitability is still a high priority.

Industry changes are causing margins to tighten in the US oil and fuel industries. The ones we hear about most often include:

  • Increased OPEC production which leads to market saturation and price drops
  • New environmental regulations limiting how and where oil companies can source oil and eliminate waste
  • A lack of new investors, reducing the amount of funds oil companies have on hand 
  • And an aging workforce, which will ultimately need to be replaced with newly trained, inexperience staff and all the liabilities they bring

All these factors, and others, mean that oil companies need safe, environmentally friendly, cost efficient and effective ways to speed up the time between production and placement. 

Oil companies need a new way to maximize profits and reduce waste. SJE reduces the need for change outs and can quickly (and cost-effectively) purify your product, so you can see a return sooner.

For all these reasons, SJE wants to share our gas purification technology and services with the world. So we got in touch with Reap+Sow Marketing.

SJE Partners With Reap+Sow Marketing for Website Design & SEO

Our incredible growth in a challenging industry has led us to the decision that we need a fresh face on the web. We chose to partner with Reap+Sow Marketing in Houston because their website design and inbound marketing services fit our goals so well.

In a nutshell, we needed a website that would:

  1. Tell SJE’s story to knowledgeable professionals in the energy market – helping to explain why oil companies around the world trust our solutions
  2. Build on our reputation of innovation and solution in the oil industry
  3. Provide timely solutions and answer the questions oil companies are asking 

Our experience with Reap+Sow Marketing has been a positive one!

 “We’re excited about the launch of our new website to better market our products and reach a bigger audience,” said Dennis.

Check out our new website!

Our Goals at SJ Environmental

 At SJE, we are pioneers, innovators, and visionaries working tirelessly to create a cleaner way forward in the oil and gas industry. We’re igniting the catalyst for green energy and are ready for you to join us. We can help you improve margins, right from the source.

SJE has a full team of scientists who engineer the latest gas purification technology, right here in house. Our goal is to bring the quality products and services that anticipate and satisfy changing customer needs. When you work directly with the source, we can adapt to your needs and save you money.

We serve our customers with the latest energy purification technology, and continually bringing new solutions to the table for our energy-producing clients around the globe. We’re here to keep communities safe and environments clean. Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization reach it’s clean energy goals and follow us on social media.



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